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Life is Beautiful......isn't it?????

In the journey of 25 years,and having gone through couple of transformation programs,reading multiple books,I am still not able to find out the real purpose of my life. To be more precisely,reason of my existence on this earth.I know it sound very common and everybody is in the same situation like me.

But are we really born to make money and do little bit of charity,marriage,parents,society,children and one fine day…..death…… 

Why we all are following the same routine from so many years now…. 

Why ordinary person like me is not able to find the purpose of our lives…. 

Like M K Gandhi.and mother Teressa….did….. 

After reading some books…I am at more confusion….it left me with the some question ….which are to be answered by me….within this life…

 1.Why my parents are my parents

2.Why I am born in india

3.why my neighbours are my neighbours…and if think then there are 1 millions why? 

And if ignore this question and just live the life as it comes then whats the use of living…. 

Or According to Some BABA you are here to do Bhakti…and surrender yourself to GOD….then if GOD exists then y did he send me on this earth. 

According to wise people You are here to fulfill others dreams…….how many peoples dreams you will fulfill?

  There has to be some definite purpose …We are not here to complete the cycle.

 And with all this thoughts in my mind …I was actually trying to find out the purpose of my life….I got breakthrough…..

 Purpose of the life is to find out the purpose of the life….by completing the cycle of life….and when that cycle completes you leave this earth…..

 Some what I satisfied with this conclusion….coz if Sachin Tendulkar don’t play cricket then…who will play his role…..if I play Sachin Tendulkar’s role then Who will play my role….like wise….i got that…we are here to play our role…

 Ultimately,LIFE IS EMPTY AND MEANINGLESS….that is what Landmark Forum says……



 Tumhari Aankhe

“Jiven ke kitne rang samyi he tumhari aankhe        

Sundertaki adhunik chabi  hai tumhari aankhe

Chitrakar ki uljan hai tumhari aankhe 

Kavi  ki prerna he tumhari anakhe      

 Khuda ko garv karati hai tumhari aankhe 

Insan ko jine ke liye majboor karti hai tumhari aankhe

 Sagar men pyass jagati he tumhari ankhe 

Suraj ki kirno ko irsha karati hai tumhari aankhe

 Mogre ki khusbu hai tumhari aankhe 

Tumhari vyaktitvav ki pehchan hai tumhari aankhe

 Gili mitti ki sungandh hai tumhari aankhe

Badlo ka aayna hai tumhari aankhe

 Na kahete hue bhi bahut kuch kaheti hai tumhari aankhe

Ab ies kagaj ke tukede pe kese bataye ....ek ehasas hai tumhari aankhe...’’



There is something that money cant buy,for everything else there is MASTERCARD”

 One of my favorite punch line ….but question is what is that  money cant buy…and what is that money can buy….

 And  how to buy money from money…is that possible with mastercard….

 We spend more than one third of our life to earn money…but do really earn money…

 Where is money….and what is money….


 Is it just transforming one person to another….and if you are becoming rich…that  means somebody else is becoming poor…..


 My Friend-Trupti

 I am not here to bore u with one more essay...This is not an ordinary essay. I met her on the second day of my college (MBA).

I was not impressed by her out look except her gorgeous face but she was the only one girl who came and talk to me, when I was sitting alone as always.

from that day she become my friend.

Some of qualities which made her extra ordinary out of our  60 students class is that she can laugh so easily and huge and wide you can hear her voice at the second floor 

if she is laughing at 1st floor u can hear her laugh at 2nd floor.. I was amazed by this coz I have never laughed or seen anyone in my 25 years of life like her.

I was thinking how can a person be so self expressed? How can a person laugh so naturally and how can person be so happy?

  You all must be wondering what is so extra ordinary in that....if u will not have any tension then anyone will be like her....

but give second thought it possible to have such situation in 21st century and city like mumbai.

This are the kind of person who have changed the face of .she doesn't know "art of living" nor did she read any books on transformation

then also she can live in PRESENT totally opposite to us...we all either in past or in future and miss our present moment.

Ever since I met her I will not say it has changed my life drastically but YES I am trying to be like her. It was always my wish to live in present and never reached that.

I am learning life lesson from her which hundred of books failed teach me.

Lastly i would like to wish her great life ahead and will always wish she should remain the same throughout her life, the way she is and hope everybody in the society should be like her.

we will have Happy India.