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In loving memory of mom

Posted by amitkawa on January 26, 2019 at 9:55 AM

Exactly one year and one day back at this time, saddest and may be biggest decision I took, when doctor told me that your mother is no more . Can we remove the ventilator?. When I saw it , it was like mom is still breathing and I asked doctor she is still breathing. At that moment doctor told me that ventilator is pushing oxygen in dead body and hence you feel she is still breathing. She pointed me to to cardiogram machine where heart line was 180 degree.


I was the last person whom she spoke one day before when she told me that she is feeling better and had food too. I felt relaxed for the first time as when she said this. Generally whenever she used to get admitted to hospital she never used to say that she feels better, but this time she said complete opposite. Maybe she has realised that that day is last day and there is no point complaining about anything now.


And I was the first person who seen her dead. Both these experiences are unforgettable and unbelievable. Whenever I remember both these experiences tears comes in my eyes. Right now too i am holding my tears.


But thats life and it same is said in Bhagwat Geeta.

" Jo Janma he woh avashay marega(mom) aur jo marta he woh avashya fir se janam( Kaira) lega."


Thats cycle of life.


So lets not remember mom in grief rather remember her as strength , which she taught us throughout her life. We all know how much painful her life was but she never lost her strength and always taught us to fight against problems.


For me she was symbol of strength.


In loving memory ..... Mom

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