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Posted by amitkawa on July 14, 2011 at 6:16 AM


One day twoexperience.

 In the morning as usual I was going to my office,I saw crowd at my area where people were gathered and murmuring something. I quicklyunderstood that there must be death of somebody since there is hospital in myarea so this is quite common phenomenon in my area within 3-4 months. But to mysurprise this crowd was not gathered near the hospital this was gathered in thesame building where young boy about 23 years of aged died in Mumbai local trainaccident. However to be very honest this didn’t put any great impact in my heart.However I felt sad for some while but then I engrossed into my daily officeactivity.

When Ireturned from office, I had my dinner and switch on TV. There was movie goingon some television called DASVIDANIYA.I started watching movie and it becomequite intresting.This is a movie about a person about 37 years of age, who hasnot done anything great and adventures in his life was living very simplelife.suddely he found that he has cancer and he is about to die in 3 months.Leaving story part aside.

So thisperson suddenly realized that he is going to die in 3 months. so he makes alist of things to do before death. And in the movie he did all those thingswhich he always wanted to do but couldn’t do when he was living normal life.

After themovie got over suddenly morning experience came to my mind and I startedthinking that this could have be happen with me too.

When we areyoung and alive we thought that nothing is going to happen with us. We alwaysmake plan considering that we have entire life to live and we will achieve everythingwhatever we have planed eventually. Like in my case I want to get married, wantto buy I flat,wanna get setted,wanna buy bigger and luxurious car etc.etc…

But have Iever thought that If I have only 3 months to live what would be my things to dolist.

What arethe things that I really want to do in my life which I never did.

So I realizedthat there are only 2 options to live

1)      Thinking that nothing is going tohappen to me

2)      I will die anytime

Both hasthere own pros and cons we cannot actually choose anyone one option.

So Ithought we should consider trade off between these two options. Our things todo list must include 5 things keeping option 1 in the mind and 5 things as perthe option 2.

So whatwould be my things to do list …?

1)      Want to find real purpose of life.

2)      Wanna to go Egypt see pyramids.

3)      Wanna buy bigger flat

4)      Wanna send mom and dad for holydayin Malaysia.

5)      Wanna have better paying job

6)      Wanna go to OSHO ashram for atleasta month and wanna really wanna be with myself.

7)       .................

8)       ...........................


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