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Every Man has only One Destiny

Posted by amitkawa on November 19, 2011 at 5:20 AM

In the year2003, when I read this line for the first time in the novel GODFATHER Icouldn’t understand the actual meaning of this line. However over period oftime and having lived life with ups and downs I understood this line insomeway.

Every humanbeing is born here to do some specific task, roles and in that big task they dotheir daily activities. I mean, all humans have very specific things to do andthey are best in doing that. Once they start doing that they get phenomenalsuccess in their life doing that.

At thissituation, two possibilities emerges

1)      Continue doing what you are doingand get more and more success, fame and achieve greatness.

2)      Another kind people are take this uspositive luck of their life and they start exploring other areas,

Butaccording to me, people who evaluate and explore other areas are generally gettingfailed in new opportunities because they are not destined to do that. Andpeople who continue doing the same thing in which they are good at, they achievegreatness in their life.

Here I wouldlike to site two example of each kind of person.

Kind-1:Doing the same thing and achieve greatness

Mr.SachinTendulkar, this man only plays cricket, he never experimented his life withdoing something different example, entering into business,(Buying IPL team)etc.He is just playing cricket from last 2 decades and has almost all worldrecords in his name.

Mr.AmitabhBachhan, He is into acting field from last 4 decades and still acting, he isliving legend in the country. He has done almost all kinds of roles in his lifeand still he is acting. But he never entered into direction, production orother film related business. However it could have been much easy for him to doso, but I think he must be knowing the meaning of the line “every man has onlyone destiny” and he knows his destiny is acting.

Kind-2:Exploring different opportunities than your destiny

Mr.ShahrukhKhan,he is one of the finest actor in the country and probably the highest fanfollowing in entire globe. But he entered into the business of cricket(IPLteam) and struggling his life there to make it successful. He entered intoproduction of the film and he failed in that too.(Fir bhi dil he Hindustani,andrecent one RA.One).Films directed and produced by others get box office hit,but when he produced film for him, he gets poor response at box office.

Mr.M FHussain, One of the greatest painters of last century. His paintings areinspiration for young painters, had phenomenal success as painter, but heentered into business of making films and his film was biggest flop of the yearon the box office.


I thinkwith these examples you could have understood what I want to say in this blog.And you might find it useless but wait a minute, story doesn’t get over here.

Real cruxof the problem is not that your are exploring the different areas in your life.Real challenge is to find out your one destiny. More than 99% of the populationin the world doesn’t know what is their real one destiney.This is 99% includesme also. So now question arrives is how to find out our one destiny so that wecan achieve success and greatness in our life.

One way Ifound out is, start doing whatever you are doing to the best of your abilityand then see whether you are getting success, which you deserve and expect fromyour life. If answer comes YES then continue doing that and you will achievegreatness in your life. Else explore something else and continue doing thattill you get the answer as YES.


Pls writeyour views and comments and criticism on this blog.I will be highly happy toknow.


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