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Posted by amitkawa on December 26, 2014 at 3:55 PM


Pk what an outstanding movie, not a new concept though used in the earlier movie OMG but Picturisation and storytelling ability of Mr.Hirani simply amazing.


PK is asking certain simple but very logical questions in the movie,which i also tried to figure out the answer when i was in my early 20s.


Questions like , who created us? Where is God, why different individual follow different God with different paths. All holy books shown different way to worship God, all human beings follow that path blindly. Is anyone achieving or met God by following that path. The answer is NO. Then why we all follow the same path and reach nowhere.


Story introduced a new concept called WRONG NUMBER. Which means, we all dialing the wrong number to achieve God, because of our pre conceived notions. Since from birth we have been told and taught to certain rituals, we are enforced with certain beliefs and we blindly follow that wrong number and reaching no where.


In PK story , Ms Jaggu being told that, her Pakistani lover will ditch her and will leave her alone by some Pandit, and Ms Jaggu , however challange the pandit and arrange her marriage with her lover, but due to some misunderstanding he could not reach in the church and Ms Jaggu accepted that the fact that, Pakistani's are teachers.


According to me, this is not only That Pandit's mistake, somewhere back in the mind, Ms Jaggu also believed in the same thing because of her pre conceived notions and she did not even try to find out why her lover did not come to church. As the wrong number from Pandit and her belief system were so strong that. She simply accepted. On the other hand, her Pakistani lover waited entire his life to get married to Ms Jaggu.


My point here is everyone of us has, wrong number fitted in our mind. And we see persons, things and situation from that aspect only. And when we experiance persons, things and sitautions favouring to our wrong numbers our wrong numbers get more poweful. And we spend our complete life having this wrong numbers in our mind and creating anxity, sorrow and unhappiness in our lives.


As an example,

1. Mother in law- All daughters in law in India things that MIL is rude and they try to make DIL's life miserable and vice versa.

2. Employers thinks that, employees are irresponsible and needs to be monitored, else they won't work.

3. The employee thinks that, employers don't give them the freedom to work as per their wish, not making them irresponsible.

4. Normal citizens, thinks that policemen are cruel, non trustworthy and they deliberately harass suspects, So not to keep personal relations with policemen.

5. Educated thinks that, UN educated are not smart and creates problems in social gatherings.

6. Uneducated thinks that, educated are dishonest and manipulative and selfish. Better not to have good relations with them.


Above are the general belief systems existing in India. But we all have our personal Wrong numbers in our mind apart from this general wrong number. And I think these personal wrong numbers we create in our mind based on the experience we gather in our life. Which creates problems and unhappiness and obstacles to success and happiness.


Think about this , we all have our personal wrong numbers, can be called as past mental blocks ,because of which we are not getting what we want to get.


My wrong number is, I cannot make more money because I could not do it in the past. I tried many times but failed. Hence now I am not trying to make more money, doing a normal job with a fixed salary.


My wife's wrong number is, she thinks -Since she is from a small town and not smart as I am, she will not be able to speak English like I do. She will not be able to get first class in her Graduation as she did not get in her entire life time.


Another wrong number for her is , she thinks that, we have to be angry on our daughter for her wrong act, else she doesn't understand.



They are many for her and me , as of now I can think of these much only.


My point here, we all have WRONG NUMBERS in our mind and we live with that only.


Just imagine if remove all these WRONG NUMBERS from our mind, and what we can achieve.





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