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Mann me vishwas he !!!

Posted by amitkawa on April 21, 2016 at 5:20 AM

New TV serial on sony tv with fantastic concept. It says “chamatkar unhi ke sath hota he jinke mann me vishwas he”


Also questions why miracles not happening with us and only with few peoples why we can’t have faith in almighty like others have. Leads to very interesting question and dilemma. As far as I can think of we became so much educated and sophisticated that we try to find the logic or science behind everything and second most important thing is, I believe somewhere back in our mind we think that, that’s not possible. Hence we can’t have faith like children have or faith without any doubt, faith with pure innocence.

What is God? No one has definite answer for that, and it can’t be because once you will have definite answer for that, it will fall under our circle of logic and science and whole existence of God will be vanished.

Truth is very simple and innocent no logic or argument required to prove it.

If any argument required proving the Truth, then it can be pure truth. As Gurunank ji said “em omkar sattnam” there is one omkar and that’s the only truth. No need to find the where the omkar is and from where it has come etc.

Coming back to the programme, they showed the story of 8 years boy who used to love her sister very much. But because of family conflicts they have stay apart. But when his sister falls into the big well with big stone covered over it. He managed to lift 200 Kg of Hunuman ji ki Gada and removed the stone from the well and saved his sister. Amazing but unbelievable. How come 8 year old boy can lift the gada of 200 kg, even no human beings managed to lift that much weight till date.

Unbelievable but True, there are eye witness of this incident.

His love for his sister was so pure and innocent and same time his belief in Hunumanji was completely doubtless. I am still wondering; why I can’t develop such type of faith in anything.


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