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Posted by amitkawa on January 24, 2018 at 1:05 AM


Death is ultimate truth of life, we all know but we dont want to die or our loved one dies. My mother died and i m still under truama. This experience taught me many things about life.

1. Life is always here now, coz tomorrow we dont know wether we would be there or no your loved one would be there.

2. My mother was dying from last one year and we all knew she would not survive more than one year but when that Ultimate moment came we all collapsed. I still not able to figure out reason behind it.

3. When there is sudden death of our loved one same trauma experience or it is more or less.

4. I also experiences that our loved one whom we are staying with gives immense grief than whom we are not staying with. Ultimate whom we are sharing our life gives more grief wether they are very closed relative or distant relative.

5. And yes apart from our own grief , we feel more hurt thinking of other person whom she used to love and person who used to love her more than us. Example in my case is my daughter and father.

6. Our bloody rational mind do all kind of calculation for spending money on our loved on and to fulfill their desire. But when they dies we spend lot of money in their rituals.


I believe God, Almighty has always different plans for us and their plans and blessings are always good for us.

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