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Amare to vaat bhi nathi Jovani !!

Posted by amitkawa on August 19, 2018 at 11:25 AM

Amare to vaat bhi nathi Jovani !!

( I don’t even have option to wait )


Kaifi Azmi wrote very beautiful song on situation of pain in waiting:” Zara si ahat hoti he to dil yeh sochta he, kahi yeh who to nahi”

When your loved one is away for longer time and you are desperately waiting for them to meet and how you have lost your patience this songs perfectly express feeling felt by them. Whenever I listen to this songs my eyes get nums….

But more painful is that you lost your loved and now don’t have even option to wait as you know they are never going to come back. Par yeh dil he ki manta nahi… still hopes that someday you will hear know on your door and they will return.

I am inspired to write this blog because of my father who is going through the same phase, most of the time I am away from my home for work and my wife spent lot of time waiting for me to come back and some time she lost her patience also many duration is more and frequency is of out of home is high.

My father said above dialogue to my wife saying that at least she has option to wait but he even doesn’t have that option as my mom passed away 7 months ago.

I know , what pain he is going through but being man he even cannot express and share to anyone but sometimes feelings just comes out and same happed that day.

I just pray to go God that he gets enough strength to live without my mom. He is living but living without your loved one is like you are alive without any motives…….


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