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The last hug !!

Posted by amitkawa on January 26, 2019 at 9:55 AM

Which is the best feeling in the world? Different people will give different answers for this but one thing I must guarantee is whoever is father of daughter they will say only one thing that best feeling in the world is to be father of daughter.

This blog is about recent experience shared by one of my friend who is father of 6 year old daughter and it immediately touched me because I am too father of 6 year old daughter.


To be very honest I used to envy him because he is very good looking, settled in Dubai, having own business but when he sad this experience my context completely changed


His daughter came to India at her grandparents house for festival and one day she fell unconscious after taking her to hospital she was diagnosed with leukaemia. To everybody surprise it was unbelievable because before this diagnosis she never had any disease not even normal fever or cold in fact she used be very energetic girl and used to participate in all sports related activities in her school and not only participate but she used to win medals also.


My friend did not had a choice but to accept this harsh reality and they started her treatment in one of the best hospital in Mumbai. As everybody aware that cancer patients has to go for treatment of chemotherapy which is consider to be most difficult therapy in medical science.


My friend did not have choice but to return and continue focus on his business as treatment itself is very expensive and also it is 2 and half year long treatment so he resumed his office in Dubai and his daughter is undergoing treatment here in Mumbai with her mother


My friend keeps coming to Mumbai to meet her daughter in hospital where she was admitted on last month when he visited Mumbai and went to hospital to see her daughter.His daughter was suffering from bed sore so she has to shifted on water filled bad secondly she stopped crying now while putting injection, every child is afraid of injection and cries but chemotherapy patients has to take at least 8 to 10 injections in a day. So how much she will cry or all her tears now disappeared and there is no fear.


Coming back to meeting with his daughter in the evening, he said both of them have experienced some strange feeling while hugging each other and that feeling was unexplainable,as he told me while crying that both of them were knowing that what will happen next, nobody knows but they felt that this could be the last hug and they may not have opportunity to hug each other next time.


I am not writing anything more here or readers will understand what I am trying to say here and even not all reader but a father of daughter is definitely understand how painful it is.


After having experienced this I understood the meaning of phrase told by Lord Krishna to Draupadi when Draupadi lost all her sons in Mahabharata war.


"Physical pain is easy to bear but looks very painful however emotional pain seems easy to bear but most difficult to bear."

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