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Being....GOOD or....HONEST

Posted by amitkawa on April 19, 2010 at 7:58 AM

We have only 2 options……either we can be GOOD or we can be HONEST….

It is very difficult to to choose between these two phenomenons. most of the people choose to be GOOD because that is the easy and comfortable way to move ahead in life,on the other hand people who choose to be honest are always left alone in the society and they are generally not as successful as people who choose to be GOOD.


Then what to do…should we choose to be GOOD and become successful and live the complete life in pretence or should we choose to be Honest and live life without any guilt feeling but without much materialist success…isn’t it strange???


When we are small kid,our parents teach us to be honest always but as we grow up same parents teach us to be GOOD and same cycle goes on repeating.


I was just thinking that why this opposite is true in our society? Why honest people couldn’t make equivalent success ?or why GOOD people become successful.GOOD people are acutully manuplators…they manuplate their feelings,emotions,needs and everything as per the situation and as per their needs.


Their main objective is to get their work done…no matter how much amount of lie he/she has to say for that….

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